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Fracture surgery nonunion?

Hello I need a 2nd 3rd and 4th opinion on a surgery I had exactly 3 months ago.

I was going down a hill on a skateboard and got my foot caught in a crack, causing my distal fibula to break and my ankle to sprain... 2 days later I had surgery.

I was told I was only getting 1 screw (maybe a lag screw) but I woke up with 5 screws and a plate. I'm thinking the lag screw couldn't go through the upper extremity of the fracture and "chewed" it.

Anyhow, my doctor is not telling me much and ignores me when I ask to see the X Rays.

I know the callus might not be seen in the X Rays, but I'm still concerned.

And that's what I'm here... Should I start weight bearing? Should I have it fixed by another hospital?
I'm really worried, It doesn't hurt but it's not healed yet.

I need my leg.

Thanks in advance.

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Your x-ray shows that the plate and the screws are still intact in the right position. In some cases, it may take longer for callus to form, and the fracture to heal completely.

Of the two bones in the leg, tibia is the stronger bone that bears the maximum weight. Your fracture is in the smaller bone called fibula which anyway isn't too critical for bearing weight. Secondly, your plate and screws are all intact so it shouldn't be an issue if you start weight bearing.

Still, it is a matter of concern why it has taken three months for the fracture to heal.  That's why I think its best to take detailed advice from experienced Orthopedic surgeons.

I can help you obtain a detailed medical advice from highly experienced Orthopedic surgeons so you are completely well informed about this. For that, I need some additional information about you that you could share by email. Unfortunately, I am not able to share my email address through the forum but if you request the website administrator, perhaps they will be able to share it with you.

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