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Fractured ankle

Hi I fractured my ankle 18 months ago.  I under went surgery to pin it a couple of days after the accident.  All seemed fine as fine can be in that situation.  Three week after my leg cast came off I was back in surgery to remove the pins.  Ever since then I have been in pain.  I cannot walk far without my ankle swelling and sitting still is impossible unless i have my leg up.  Two months ago I paid to have a scan and the findings where that my anterior talo-fibular and calcaneofibular ligaments are absent.  Also there is a comminuted fracture in the fibula above the joint line.  This would indicate that the fusion is not yet complete.  I took the finding to my GP and he indicated that there was nothing to be done!
Is this true?  How long will it take to heal?  What if it never heals?  I have had 18 months of not living a full life with my young children.  My youngest has had to go into full time nursery care because I limited in my ability to look after her.  I cannot run, stamp my feet, squat ect.  I now have pain in my knee, hip and lower back and this seems to be increasing.
Am I being fobbed off?  If anyone can give me any advice it would be a good send.
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My husband had his ankle fused ten years ago and they put a electrode machine on his ankle at night that helped his ankle fuse. He did get arthridis in the front of his foot after eight years and then had a midfoot amputation to help take the pain away. Now a year later he is still in pain and is now getting a bk amp next week. I hope this helps
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Why did they remove the pins? My husband broke his ankle as well a couple months ago. His was repaired the following morning. At his most recent appt the dr said he was leaving the plates and pins in unless they bother him. They are giving him the option. He is leaving them in. If later on they bother him they will be removed but not anytime in the near future.
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