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Fractured foot blood pooling

Dear all,

I have a chip fracture lateral of anterior calcaneous and I am in a cam boot . It has been two weeks since the injury and I need to keep my leg elevated, since if I put it down for 2 minutes , the blood pools in my foot and it feels sore and pretty congested with blood. I am having some neuropathic pain At night( pins and needles, spasms, and some tremor) in my foot. I was put on Endep , Endone, and clexane to prevent DVTs. Can you give me an opinion please as to why I cannot tolerate putting leg down with this blood pooling please? What can I do to prevent or slow down any CRPS?

I would appreciate your help.
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Hello, welcome to the forum. Thank you for the question.  I encourage you to check in with your doctor about this.  They need to guide you.  Are you having swelling or actual blood pooling such as purpura? Two weeks does seem a bit of a long time to not be able to put any weight on the foot while in a boot without this issue.  Are they recommended walking on your heal for 6 weeks in the boot and that you keep it on for that entire duration?
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Thank you for your response. If I put my foot down like using the crutches or knee scooter or even just down when sitting the blood pools , not purpura and no swelling.  This happens moreso in the evening or night. Dr said to elevate leg. When leg is elevated colour returns to normal.. I am not weight bearing at all. I can take boot off for a rest .
Hello!  I'm wondering now that a week plus has passed if this is any better?  Any update on the situation?
Hello .. blood pooling still happens but slightly better. No callus at fracture site as yet at 5.5 weeks. How long does callus formation take usually/ thanks lots.
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