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Golf and wrist fusion

Anyone out there playing golf after wrist fusion. I had a real hard time finding anything on the web before my surgery. To share with you: I had a four corner partial fusion of the left wrist in Dec, 2010 with removal of the scaphoid due to injury which may have occured 40 years ago. I am a 61 year old male that had a 16 handicap before the surgey but played with a lot of wrist pain for several years. When I did go to the Doctor I was real suprised that fusion was the answer. 6 months after surgery I began playing golf. I found that I need to purchase a new iron set: choose senior shaft Adams hybrid set which was needed to get lift on the iron shots. I continue to be able to hit my Cleveland Driver with a regular shaft. I need to develop a palm grip with the right hand and just use the left hand to steady the swing since you will never be able to **** the left wrist. I lost a lot of power but have developed a reasonable game of golf. I should note that I went thru occ health therapy and after 15 weeks in a splint type cast, I did start low weight cybex training. 8 months after surgery, I am now a 21 handicap but still enjoy playing golf. Hope this helps somebody.
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