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Got pulled up by leg by a cop, hamstring irritated

Got arrested and was in back of truck handcuffed on my butt. Cop used torso and arms to grab my lower leg and then "pulled up," which i reacted by tightening my leg muscles to pull myself forward along with them pulling me. Something didnt feel right about it, but didnt notice any discomfort until days later. Now a month later, seems to be improving but still feels slightly weaker and some discomfort when walking. I felt a bit of pulling sensation throughout torso as well, up into face and neck even. Now the lower leg even felt something. The original hamstring sensasation has bounced around throughout leg from middle to right above the knee. Last couple days tingling and tickling a bit which in my experience with injuries is always a good sign.  I guess it is not too natural a thing to be pulled like that. I reacted my pulling body forward with leg, as opposed to all that stress on my knee.

I think it is a grade 1 strain but it has almost been 4 weeks

Not having as many nightmares and it seema to be improving.

Just need some info/ tell me what you know or have experienced
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How are you doing now?
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Still not feeling 100%
Not too much pain, just a tightness and i feel a little off balance or my gait feels awkward
Maybe it will get stronger, i read it is good at this pointto stretch and exercise to avoid scar tissue build-up
Any thoughts ?
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I had a hamstring injury.  They hurt man!  That's a big muscle and when I pulled it, youza.  It took awhile to get better from that. The old RICE method of taking care of it helped me.  R= rest, I = ice, C =compression (wrap with ace bandage), and E =elevation (when sitting, put legs up).  I'm a big fan of Icy Hot rub, Salon Pass menthol sheets that you stick on (pick one of those two) and Arnica that you rub on.  Ibuprofen helps me too if you are able to take that.  Gentle stretching.  I also ran into it getting painful again while it was healing from the least movement after.  I'd be back to square one.  But eventually it DID get better.  https://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/hamstring-strain#1  You can always consult with a doctor and if it keeps up, a physical therapist is helpful.  
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