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Groin injury due to running?

For the last several months, I am suffering from some weird pains.   I am having pain on the left inguinal area of my groin and back of my left testicle.   I don't have any STDs.   All the tests results were clear, except the scrotum ultrasound which revealed "mild" discrete inguinal adenopathy and nothing else.    My urologists told it doesn't seem to be a urological problem.

I do lot of running and cycling in the gym.  Just before these pains started on my left inguinal area and the left testicle, I ran a lot, especially more than 8 miles a day at a stretch with occassional running with more speed.  I have no idea whether I accidentally injured and unnoticed.

Can this be Gilmore's groin?   Will it have tenderness in the testicles similar to the urological issues?   If it is a Gilmore's groin, then how it can be diagnosed and treated?

The mild swelling (adenopathy) on left inguinal side can be due to sports injury?

(I too have a history of athelete's foot diagnosed by my orthopedic couple of years back.   I have this athelete's foot pain in my left feet only.)
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Many years ago while playing softball I jumped and pulled a groin muscle.  It felt and was diagnosed as a hernia.  But it was not.  It turned out to be a pulked tendon in the groin.  I had tremmendous pain and it took months for it to heal.  This could be your similar problem.  They are difficult to diagnose and takes a long time of careful walking to heal.  Good luck.
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I have the exact same problem. I am a lifelong runner. I am 58 y/o male. I noticed the soreness a few weeks ago. It hurts very badly when I first begin running but eases up some after a half mile or so. I can't really find the spot when I do a self exam. My doc checked me for a hernia but couldn't find one. Taking it a little slower and easier and hoping for the best.
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