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Growth on front of knee

I have a painful growth on the front of my knee. In 2012 I had a lipoma removed from the area. Within 2-3 years a new type of lump developed that was very different. It’s jelly like to the touch, very soft and painful to press on and it jiggles when I walk/run. It hurts worse at night and causes pain with some activity. I have a hard lump just beside it that feels like a knob on my bone. I’ve had an MRI and an Ultrasound on the area and the doctors state they do not see anything on the scans. (I am seeing a military doctor overseas and they advised I get it looked at once I am back in the states, so maybe the scan was limited)
Any advice or an idea as to what could be growing on my knee?
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Could be a simple ganglion. This is often a hard jelly feeling lump which causes no issues. It can be removed if causes pain
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Unfortunately it’s not a ganglion. I’ve had imaging done. It’s a lump on the front of my leg, just below my knee the size of a tennis ball. :(
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