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HELP! sceptical of my orthopedist's diagnosis. (Jones fracture?)?

I currently play for my high school's soccer team and I am an essential to our success. In a game last week I unknowingly must have rolled my ankle. This role was very minor since I was able to play through the next two games and practices. I have also had my share of foot/ankle injuries, and I know this one does not even compare to some of my previous ones. I am able to walk on it and pretty much run. I do think i should miss my next game so I can rest it and ice it, but I know from experience that it will be fully healed soon. Not even my trainer at my school thought it was a bad injury and I was able to play on it except their was irritation. My problem is that my mom completely overreacts to the situation and takes me to the orthopedist. My orthopedist takes an x-ray which he says LOOKS NORMAL., but for some reason he decides I need to stay away from physical activity for 10 days (that means ill miss four games and our team is undefeated so far.) His reasoning is I could develop a Jones fracture which is some minor foot fracture you can look it up. Except their is no x-ray evidence and my foot feels almost 100%, and now ill have to attend all my teams 1 hour thirty minute practices and 2 hour games watching in sadness. It is too much for me to bear since I love the game so much. PLEASE HELP ME!!
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Hi there!

Well, this is a question best answered by your treating orthopedician. The x-ray might occasionally show evidence of inflammation or regions of stress, which if further stressed may lead to further injuries; though the situation would still be relative and is best discussed with your treating orthopedician.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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