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Hallux varus after bunion surgery, surgeons fault?

Hey all! I had 1st metatarsal osteotomy ("boat" is written on my surgical consent form) on Jan 27th. I did 6 weeks non weight bearing and had an x-ray at my 6 week follow-up where my surgeon gave me the go ahead to start walking again. 6 weeks later, still swollen and in pain, I went for my 12 week follow-up where I was told my toe was dislocated (hallux varus) and I'd need surgery again. I asked about my 6 week x-ray and he said there was a slight shift but he wasn't concerned at that point.

After my correction surgery, the surgeon said a fusion was required because my toe would not stay in place. When I asked if he knows what caused it yet (and asked if the wrap job after could have caused it, since I felt my toe was pulled over too far), he said it wouldn't be only that, and that my ligaments could be the issue.

I see him again on the 19th, I think if he knew this was his fault, he might not tell me? Sorry for the long post but I don't know who else to ask and feel my doctor might not be telling me the full story. He has mostly great reviews and is supposed to be the best orthopedic surgeon in the area.

thanks in advance for any advice.
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Have no idea about the condition, but whenever you feel your doctor isn't doing a good job get a second opinion.  Good reviews don't really mean very much, as they may be based on historical work and not the doc's present work.  Most docs get their reputation early and it stays but as they age they can lose their passion, their skill, their liking for the job.  Others get better as they age.  And everyone, including docs, make mistakes or have bad days.  So it can't hurt to get a second opinion.
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