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Hand Pain

A year ago last September I had surgery to replace the joint in my right thumb. During the surgery, the doctor also removed quite a bit of arthritis, so it ended up being more than I expected.  I had therapy, and from there I developed tendonitis with trigger finger of the large finger.  I was given injections in all places the doctor 'could possibly give me'.  That was in the middle of 2007.  I waited six more months to see if the problem would improve, but it got worse.  Recently I had surgery on the palm of my hand to release the tendons.   The stitches were removed but the incision is still open, and the hand is very sore.  The base of the thumb and all fingers are very stiff and swollen somewhat.  I have used the left hand a lot rather than the right, and it is becoming affected. It is now 15 months after the first surgery, and I have not been without pain.  What can I do now?
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It’s sad that you are still suffering from pain. Primarily you got surgery done for release of tendons.
I think you should be consulting pain management specialist and decide regarding short term and long term management of pain for your palm.
Are you on any analgesics? I think you need to review your analgesics regimen.
Your analgesic regimen could be discussed with your physician and two or more drugs could be planned over 24 hours.
Alternatively you can plan for receiving TENS therapy.
You can try a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS), which is an electronic device that produces electrical signals used to stimulate nerves through unbroken skin. The unit is usually connected to the skin using two or more electrodes. TENS works to decrease pain perception and may be used to control acute and chronic pain. It helps in regenerating nerve.
Nerves regenerate, or heal, at a rate 1 millimeter/day. The only nerves that can regenerate are the nerves outside of the spinal cord, or peripheral nerves. The nerves in the spinal cord, once damaged, cannot regenerate. However, if the peripheral nerve is severely damaged or stretched it may never heal.
Hope this helps.
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