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Hand and wrist pain, tingling and tightness


I have had sharp wrist pain through the centre and also in the palm sometimes, I also have really painfull tightness and pins and needles in the hands and three middle fingers and forearm. I feel a burning and static feeling in both of my palms which goes through to my fingers. Also in my palms I have a sensation of something pressing/rubbing together. I feel these symptoms all the time but they're much worse when they are resting. I've had X-ray, NCS, ultrasound, MRI and all negative. My Docter thinks it's low grade tendinitis. I can't wear any kind of wrist support beause  it worsens the symptons and I even get the sharp wrist pain when I rest them. I'm having a bone scan soon to check for inflammation, but does anyone have any ideas because I'm really desperate.

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   How are you? Carpal tunnel syndrome is a medical condition in which median nerve is compressed at the wrist, leading to pain and muscle weakness in the hand. It affects mainly the thumb, index finger, middle finger and some times the palms as well. A common factor in developing carpal tunnel symptoms is increased hand use or activity.
Physiology and family history may have a significant role in individual's susceptibility. CTS is associated with stress, trauma, pregnancy, as well as several diseases including multiple myeloma, amyloid, rhematoid arthritis, acromegaly, mucopolysaccharidoses, hypothyroidism.
A large amount of psychological distress showed doubled risk of the report of pain, while job demands, poor support from colleagues, and work dissatisfaction also showed an increase in the report of pain, even after short term exposure. Trauma also plays a role in the occurence of CTS.
Clinical assessment by history taking and physical examination can frequently diagnose CTS. Nerve conduction studies, electromyography are also used.
Consult a orthopaedician for further assistance.
Take care.

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Thankyou very much for your response. I had a nerve conduction study and an ultrasound which both came up negative for CTS. My doctor says it tendinitis, but I'm not sure because its relentless with no relief at all. If u have any other suggestions I'd love to know.

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I have had carpel tunnel done to both hands. My left is 100% better my right i find numbness is gone but the swelling and tightness through my hand to fingers are still there. I wanna say only when i am cutting meat and veggies or  when i use pressure with this hand but in the night i wake up and find this discomfort as well.
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