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Has anyone had a knee fusion before to a total knee replacement?

Has anyone had a total knee fusion before having  knee replacement. I am a 31 year old female who had a total knee fusion. After a year and half of not having full use of my leg and severe hip pain due to all my weight shifting on one side because I can not bend my leg it has now caused severe pain in my hip and both legs and lower back. I was inquiring about having a total knee replacement, I was told at the time of the fusion that because of my age I was ot eligible for a total knee replacement.  I am curious to know if anyone has had a replacement after having a fusion?  due to the complications and on going pain I have on daily basis, I was wondering if the replacement would help.Thanks,
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Hello Dear,
What has been the reason (indication) for the knee fusion?
It is a salvage procedure relegated to cases like in young age where total knee replacement may he contraindicated?
Has there been an infection?
Usually the fusion is done after the failed joint replacement. In what position the fusion has been done?
Consult and follow up with your orthopedicain.
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Thanks for responding, there has been no infections, I was told that I had to have the fusion because of my age and that I was too young for a total replacement, I have had 3 ACL's and I was a surgical assistant in the Operating room, I fell on the way to a trauma and dislocated my knee cap the cartliage damage was so signifcant and I was told that this was my only option. After a second opinion I was told if this is what one Dr said than that is what has to be done. I am now 31 years old and this fusion was done a year and a half ago.  I now suffer from severe pain in my hip, back and leg. Is there any doctors that you reccommed that do reversals with this procedure? I appreciate your feedback.
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Additionally I did see a doctor in Atlanta Georgia, who is the Dr for the ATL Falcons NFL team and he told me I was a perfect candidate for a total replacement but because this is a workmans comp case through the hospital which I was working at the time of the injury they will not cover it, stating he is too expensive. I am willing to use my own health insurance to have a reversal done.
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I am 43 years old and I had a knee fusion almost 4 months ago using the external fixator. The knee fusion was my 13th surgery. I have had to multiple of problems (multiple reconstruction, multiple infections).  I have RSD and the nerve pain and senstivity have been intense.  My back and hip are so bad now as well as I am reviewing options to reverse the fusion (I do not have a patella).  The pain has not gone away with the fusion and in some ways, I am in more pain now.  I also recently developed a blood clot in my calf.  I am worried about my future with other complications with the clot, hip, back and my other leg.  Have you found any other info regarding knee fusion reversal?
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Hi I am a 38yr old who is the same situation as you I have a knew fusion and am looking at having it reversed if you get any feed back I wold love to hear about it.
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FYI my wife is set to have her knee fusion of 37 years replaced with a total knee.  It is being done by Dr Henry Finn in Chicago.  He has done 50 total knee reversals to date.  He is tops in this field.
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I am a 51 old male and have had a fused knee for 32 years. I would appreciate any information you could share about reversing to a total knee replacement.
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my wife had her knee fusion of 38 years replaced with a total knee by Dr Finn out of Chicago.  She has worked very hard to rehab the quad muscles which had not been used and now has 90 degrees of bend.  Dr Finn is the guy to use.
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Hi Jinger,

I am so happy to have found your thread. I have lived with a knee fusion for 16 years now. I am hoping to get some insights as to the development of your quest for reversing and acquiring TKR.

I am 32 years old, happliy married and a mother of 2 boys. I had the fusion in my teens. I have accepted my limited mobility but my upper leg and back pains is worsening each day. Thereof, I want to learn regarding my chance of getting  a TKR.

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What were tthe drawbacks to having the Finn Knee put in?  
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Please Joen,
I would like to no more about the surgery. Can we be friends on on FB?
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