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Healing of tibia

Hello. I was hit by a car in late March and broke my left tibia. Surgery was performed and I had a rod inserted just below the knee to the shin. I just had my three month follow up examination and the fracture still hasn't healed. I've been diligent with my physical therapy and I have full flexibility in the leg. I can bend the leg at the knee and I can fully extend it. I can put weight on the leg and the doctor no longer requires me to wear the surgical boot. I still need to use a cane or crutches to get around. How long does it take for the tibia fracture to fully heal, and is there anything I can do to quicken the healing process on my own other than exercises and physical therapy? Thank you.
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Recovery time for a tibia fracture typically takes 4-6 months to heal completely.
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Thanks. I'm getting a little frustrated at the lack of total mobility. My doctor said pretty much the same thing for the length of time for the fracture to heal. I had my three month follow up appointment today this morning.  X-rays were taken and it showed the fracture still hasn't healed completely. Thanks for the reply. I'll just remain diligent with my exercises and be patient in achieving full recovery.
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