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Heel Pain After Trauma

I fell from a height a few weeks ago, I landed on my feet but crumpled after experiencing what felt like a sprained right ankle and acute right heel pain. After 2 weeks my ankle had made significant progress and was recovering but my heel is still so painful I have to walk on tip toes to avoid putting weight on it. I got an xray but apparently there was no sign of fractures. It's been 3 weeks now and I still can't put weight on that heel, any idea what I hurt and why it has lasted so long?
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Sounds like you have a bruised heel.  There is a tendon that connects to the bottom of your heel and that could be what you bruised.  I did this when exercising one day and got too close to the coffee table and kicked it.  I thought I broke it because it was bruised immediately.  Turns out I just hit where the tendon connects to the heel.  The doctor gave me anti inflammatories and asked me to try to stay off of it as much as possible for two weeks.  Maybe you could try that.  If its not any better in another week or two, I would go back to your doctor and let him know that it is not getting any better.
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Thankt you for the help! That makes sense because the pain has gotten lessened but has crept toward the back of my heal near the Achilles. I'll Try to get some anti inflamatoriee, thanks again!
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Youre welcome.  I hope it gets better soon.
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Did it get better? I jumped off a swing and landed on a stone. 3 months now and awful pain walking, standing. Done all the stretching, etc. they say to do. Don't see a podiatrist until February (!!) and he will probably advise more of the same. Any advice out there? What about the shockwave therapy??

I've run into people who say they have had this pain for YEARS and it cripples once active people. Jump off a stupid swing and - there goes your life? I am so depressed.
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