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Heel Pain from Trauma - any hope?

Did it get better? I jumped off a swing and landed on a stone. 3 months now and awful pain walking, standing. Done all the stretching, etc. they say to do. Don't see a podiatrist until February (!!) and he will probably advise more of the same. Any advice out there? What about the shockwave therapy??

I've run into people who say they have had this pain for YEARS and it cripples once active people. Jump off a stupid swing and - there goes your life? I am so depressed.

I'm age 50. Was moderately active (light runner, weights twice a week, walking was nice. Now I can't walk 1/2 mile!).

Everyone says it is plantar fascitis but I don't feel worse in the a.m. and while the p.f. is tight and sore it is the same on the other foot and no problems with it. My whole body has always been tight. HELP?!
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It is time to follow up with a specialist, which you have an appt with. Any possibility of asking that MD to see you sooner?? If not, stay off it as much as you can and you can take over the counter pain meds. Please...wait for a DOCTOR to diagnose your heel and NOT well-meaning friends and family. We see people all the time who have been treating themselvs for a diagnosis they got that way and it often backfires on them.
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I've seen a sport doctor (my PCP) twice.

Had X-rays: no fracture

I live in a rural area and 4 months is how long we have to wait for a podiatrist! My experience is they have you go through the same thing the earlier doctors told you to do ("protocol") and it drags on and on. I wish doctors were more aggressive. I'm 50, I know my body. Believe me when i said I've done all the things you want done - and done them for months.  

Stretching of calves, p.f., strengthening, stay off foot, heat. That is all run of the mill stuff applied to everything. But the med lit. says only 55% get better with those methods. Surgery is risky, steroids too for the foot.

There was no discoloration or swelling.

Sports doctor thought it was a contusion but that can mean anything.

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