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Help Explanation of terminology used on my X=Ray needed

I have a lot of low back pain, and pain going across my lower back to hips. I had a recent X-ray of both hips and pelvis. Ist said I had degenerative change of the pubic symphysis. and a malalignment of ps. I understand that part.

2nd. Old posttraumatic fragmentation at the left greater trochanter with cortical whiskering of the right greater trochanter superiorly. Scattered degenerative changes of both greater trochanters. I don't understand that.   Does fragmentation mean pieces broken off?  What about cortical whiskering? I couldn't find that term in any medical dictionary I checked.

All I know is back and hips hurt all the time.  Thanks for any info you might have.
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You might have had greater trochanter trauma previously at the head of the femur so the changes are seen as fragmentation of the left greater trochanter and also cortical whiskering due to the healing changes.  These changes also occur with abnormal concentration of stress on a normal joint.

You also have to check for any degenerative joint disease you are having. Egs : osteoarthritis, osteoarthrosis or osteochondrosis.
Did you have any fracture? Check your calcium levels and if required take supplements and have a healthy balanced diet.

You would need lifestyle changes to limit the degenerative disk disease. Follow proper ergonomics.

Consult an orthopedician and follow up.

Take care!
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Yes, I have degenerative disk disease throughout my spine. I also have osteoarthritis. I haven't had a fracture in that hip as far as I know. I have bulging disc's at C3-4, a fusion at C4-5 with cadaver bone & titanium plate and screws, a bulg at T8-9.wiwth a hemangioma noted, and bulging disc at L4-5. I also have lots of foraminal and central stenosis. I have never had my knees x-rayed, but imagine changes there too.

I do take supplements, but not sure what proper lifestyle changes would help me. Can you give me some ideas? I work for a living, as I am a widow. My job requires me to drive for 8 hrs a day, with stops to pick up medical specimens and deliver reports. My legs hurt me a great deal, with numbness & tingeling also. I live in a very small town, and there are not a lot of specialists around to consult.

Thank you for your reply, and any suggestions you might make.
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You cannot stress your hip joint and the spine in the future.

If you can pick up some sedentary type of work then it would help your cause of resting your joints. Follow ergonomics in everyday life.

The lifestyle changes are wearing proper shoes, proper chair, proper bed and proper position while sitting, working and sleeping etc.

Take care and follow up with an orthopedician whenever you can.
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