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Hip Hip....no hooray...lol

Here goes...hopefully this forum provides me some support or at least ONE person that may be going through the same thing I am.

I'm 34 years old and I feel like I have the body of an 80 year old. In 2007 I broke my left ankle and had to wear a walking boot for approx. 8 months. During that 8 months I started experiencing tremendous pain in my right hip. Originally it was diagnosed as trochanteric bursitis. I had a steroid injection and that didn't help the pain. I then had an MRI and it was determined that I had the beginnings of AVN in that hip which was more than likely caused by about 10 years of oral steroids for asthma when I was younger. Anywho...the pain continued and I endured multiple steroid injections, anti-inflam patches, creams, anti-inflam pills, TENS unit...you name it, i've tried it.

Last January I lost my job and I make too much on unemployment to qualify for healthcare assistance (it's a great group to be in let me tell ya! lol) so I was unable to go to any docs for my hip and I decided I would just suffer with the pain until I could no longer stand it. During this time I also moved to another city....SOOOOO last month I could barely walk. The pain is in the right groin, the front of the hip, the buttock and when I lay down my entire leg aches. I decided to go to a new doc up here. I explained everything I had been through as far as treatment on the hip. Do you know what his suggestion was?? A FREAKIN INJECTION! lol. This one was to be done under x-ray though. His theory was that none of the other docs knew for sure if they hit the right spot because they weren't viewing it under x-ray. Soooo I had the painful injection two weeks ago and guess what. It didn't help a thing. I called the doc and I'm going back on Wednesday...I've had so many injections in the hip that I have a major crater there from fat atrophy.

I know that was a long story...but has ANYONE experienced anything like this? It's more than bursitis.....Could the AVN be progressed to a point that bad enough to hurt that bad yet not be seen on x-ray? He mentioned that it may look like I have a labral tear on my x-ray...what is that and is it something to be treated because he mentioned it like it was nothing. I'm so frustrated.

Thanks for listening!
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Hi, I have the same pain and in the same location.  An MRI and a CAT scan showed a fracture of the subcortical something or other  in the left hip an injury which occurred ten years ago on a ski trip. Osteoarthritis set in and after ten years has worn away all of the cartiledge and now it is "bone grinding on bone" a severely painful condition which limits my mobility and is ruining my life. I have been told by the orthopedic surgeon that cortisone shots are a waste of my time as they only work for a short while and they injure the surrounding tissues as well. His opinion is that a full hip replacement surgery is my only realistic option. I have done my research, my homework, and have read that the same is true for AVN...sounds like we are in the same boat. The only other option I know of is called hip resurfacing which uses a smaller replacement device and conserves bone, has a much lower failure rate than traditional hip replacement, and gives a better range of motion. I am going through the decision making process myself. I wish you the best of luck; I know how much pain you are enduring.  P.S. It is important to find a surgeon with a high success rate using the BHS : Birmingham Hip Solution  if you choose resurfacing over a traditional replacement. I know of one in South Carolina if that is anywhere near you.
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Hi kris,  this is a P.S.S. {sorry } The hairline fracture I have of the subcortical whatever... i can't think of what it is called and I'm in too much pain to get up and hobble over to get my medical papers! I too feel as if I am leading the life of an 80 year old. Anyway, the small fracture inside my left hip {  NOT a fracture of the hip BONE }  did NOT show up on an x-ray !!  A bone fracture will show up on an x-ray. When I sustained this fracture to a band of tissue inside my hip it barely even hurt I barely noticed it because it is an injury to soft tissue not bone. However, over time AVN and osteoarthritis can set in ..both are severely painful ongoing conditions that only continue getting worse. As you have realized, the steroid shots aren't the answer.You mentioned you had an MRI...look at your copy of the results and check the strength of the deciblals they used on you which may not have been high enough to give the best image and you may need an additional cat scan. This is what happened in my case. The pain you describe is EXACTLY the same as mine . AVN is often a result of this type of  small fracture or a tear and you may have osteoarthritis, as I do. When i complained of the pain and misery I was in to my my  general practitioner  he ordered an x-ray which I did have done but nothing showed up!!  and then he told me there was nothing wrong!!!!!  So, yes you can have something very, very wrong in the hip and it won't show up on an x-ray. AVN is serious and I urge you to see a specialist, an orthopaedic surgeon, as soon as you can.  Ginger
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Thanks for the insight! I have been seeing orthopaedic surgeons for this and they're the ones giving me the shots lol. This new doc that I went to in my new town though has a chance of redemption. Now that the steroid under fluroscopy didn't help AT ALL I'm thinking he will do additional tests. I think when they see someone my age come in with hip pain they automatically think that they can just give an injection and it will all be better. lol My AVN was mild 2 years ago on MRI, but I know that it can progress quickly. I will demand something happen when I go in on Wednesday because this is just ridiculous. Thanks for your input and keep me posted on your surgery. I'm hoping my doc doesn't say anything about a replacement, but at this point I'm willing to do whatever it takes to be able to function again normally! I'm sure you can relate!
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Went to the doc today and I'm having core decompression surgery tomorrow - that was fast. This will alleviate the pressure on the femur where the AVN is and help the blood flow improve and hopefully regenerate the bone...here goes nothing!
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Hey there. How did your core decompression surgery go? Are you still having any problems with your hip??

They recently saw avn in my left hip on an MRI.... So I'm just curious.
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