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Hip abscess

I had a hip replacement surgery january 2018 and 1 yr 6 months almost to the day I had an abscess show up at the incision site. Since June 2019 I have had it lanced and packed. Then a debridement August 20 and then again october 1 what is going on. Is my body rejecting my hip after a year and a half the abscess is back once again what is going on. Please help!!!!!
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Wow, how frustrating!!  I so feel for you.  What is your doctor saying?  They are your best person for true insight to your particular situation.  I have read that depending on how your hip replacement done, that the prosthetic can be problematic.  Normally they are made of metal or plastic and if bacteria attaches to these surfaces, it is hard for the immune system to attack it.  https://orthoinfo.aaos.org/en/diseases--conditions/joint-replacement-infection/  How do you think your immune system is over all?  
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