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Hip problems and muscle ache

I am currently 35.  I was born with bilateral displasia and underwent a series of treatments (i.e. traction, body cast) culminating with a corrective surgery on my right hip at the age of five.  Since then I have had discomfort in my right hip  and a limp that bothered me the most when I was fatigued.  I have brushed it off as something I must just accept and continued with normal activity.  Within the last six years my "symptoms" have changed.  After the birth of my first child my left hip would lock up.  Just with normal activity.  I noticed this mostly in cold weather.  Two years ago, after tthe birth of my second child it occurred more frequently and with varied activity.  Additionally, the discomfort in my right hip began to increase.  I currently have a 3/4 inch difference in my legs (the right being the shortest)

I have already been to two orthopedic surgeons, one who said that I had a shallow socket on the left and probably a labral tear (causing the locking).  On the right hip he said that I did have excellent coverage but an overgrown trochaner and a mushroomed head of my femur as well as a short neck.  He also saw signs of early osteoarthritis in the right.   He recommended a Ganz osteotomy on the left and a Morsch Osteotomy on the right.

The second surgeon said that he wouldn't recommend osteotomies, they would make hip replacements more difficult, and said that I had osteoarthritis in both hips.  He recommended I wait as long as possible for a hip replacement.  The ball is in my court.

I am curious about which diagnosis seems to be the most accurate.

Additionally, I have had outer thigh muscle ache and lower back aches.  Are these to be expected with problems like mine?
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