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How bad is my MRI?

I had an MRI done of my knee and my doctor is on vacation for 3 weeks.  Can anyone tell me how bad this is?  I am assuming surgery?

MRI right knee without contrast

Routine knee pulse sequencing.

4/17/2017 3

Cross-sectional comparison:
July 27, 2004

Radiographic correlation:
April 17, 2017

Traumatic injury, pain 1 week prior, previous ACL reconstruction.


ACL graft with likely roof impingement. There is increased intermediate signal surrounding the interference screw within the tibia which may be due to mucoid degeneration along the osseous tunnel. The anterior fibers of the graft are closely apposed to the intercondylar roof, redundant and increased in signal. There is interstitial signal within the graft which may be mucoid degeneration. Given the redundancy of the distal fibers, some graft material may be withdrawn from the tibial tunnel partially.

Intact. LCL

Extensor mechanism:
Intact. No patella alta.

Lateral meniscus:
Intact with vertical blunting of the meniscus body apex.

Lateral femoral condyle cartilage:
Moderately thinned with full thickness denuded cartilage across the central weightbearing aspect measuring 7 mm wide x 11 mm AP.

Lateral tibial plateau cartilage:
Mildly thinned peripherally.
No lateral joint line osteophytosis.

Medial meniscus:
Grossly intact.

Medial femoral condyle cartilage:
Mildly thinned.

Medial tibial plateau cartilage:
Minimally thinned.
No medial joint line osteophytosis.

Patellar cartilage:
Moderately to severely thinned along the median ridge on images 11 and 12 series 5.

Trochlear notch cartilage:
Partially denuded and moderately thinned centrally and medially.
Minimal patellofemoral joint line osteophytosis.
Mild joint fluid.
Miniscule Baker's cyst.

1. ACL graft impingement.
2. Vertical blunting of the lateral meniscus body apex.
3. Mild osteoarthrosis.
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