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How long can you have a torn shoulder labrum before shoulder?

I had a crash in July and hurt my shoulder. After crash I still had full range of motion and was able to perform daily task with some discomfort. I did physical therapy for three months with no improvement.  Orthopedic doctor ordered MRI and discovered I had a shoulder labrum tear. I can handle the pain and tackle daily task, but constantly have the “pop” felling and sound. Can I wait til the summer to have surgery? Or is it better to have it ASAP? My ortho doc said that i can have permanent scar cartilage if I wait and my surgeon said that I could live with the tear without surgery. Thanks for your help.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question.  Sorry about your accident but we're very happy you are working with your doctors. This is two different doctors with different opinions?  The ortho doctor and a surgeon?  Normally those are one in the same.  So, I'm trying to understand if this is conflicting advice from two doctors you're seeing.  The degree of the tear really determines the outcome. The more severe it is, the longer you wait, the worse the outcome.  This is a common injury and it is personal from patient to patient as to what the best course is.  Some do heal on their own if not severe.  Whether conservative treatments will work such as rest, ant inflammatory medication, steroid injections and physical therapy are all some patients need to recover if the tear is not severe.  While others require surgery.  So, it is hard to say exactly what your situation is.  I'd pose this question to both of these doctors since they can evaluate your actual injury for severity.  
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