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Humerus fracture, plate removal

Eighteen months ago my husband had a severe humerus fracture.The humerus was fractured as though it was sliced in the manner one would filet a fish. Due to heart health issues,diabetes and the Dr. hoping for some repair of the humerus( he had a brace and sling), the surgery was delayed for three weeks. My husband has a plate and approximately eight screws in the bone. After therapy and months of healing he has finally regained movement of the fingers but has major pain and limited shoulder movement. My question is can the plate and screws be removed? Is it possible that the screws and or plate could be touching nerves that have healed around it causing the pain?
Thank you in advance for your time.

Sincerely, Oneheart
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You need to get x-ray done for him.
This x-ray needs to be reviewed and to decide whether fracture has healed. If there are signs of fracture healing and range of motion across the shoulder joint and elbow joint is normal non-painful, then you can discuss with the surgeon about removal of screws and plates.
Injury to the nerve occurs in ~11% of humerus fractures and can occur at the time of initial injury, during closed reduction, or during operative repair.
You should be discussing this with your surgeon and decide regarding further management.
Keep me posted if you have enquiries.
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Last month, my sister met with a road accident and she had superacondyular-intracondyular fracture of left humerus.

In the hospital, doctors adviced for ORIF and I gave the consent as doctors said, there is no alternative and I beleive that Doctors are Living Gods.

It's been 28 days post to surgery. now finger movements and wrist movements are almost back to normal and she can lift the hand voluntarely upto 20 degrees against gravitation without any support.

Please answer my below queries.

1. Are the above momements are signs of Bone recovery or nerve recovery.

2. When can be hardwares removed [By God's grace, after everything is good]

3. while removal of hardwares, will they do the suregery at same place or different place [I am worried of two two scars on her elbow].

Waiting for replies.
Yours faithfuly,

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I am 28 yrs old Girl ,i had got multiple factures in my right hand should neck of humerus ,i got the surgery done with plate & 8 screws .Its been 5 & half months now,i have gained 135 degrees movement but while doing the lateral movement i get pain.As per my surgoen my plate is erroding the other bone so i should get the plate removal done.The bone has almost united as per him.Is it safe to get plate removal done so early?Can i face any complications if i get plate removal done?

Thanks & Regards
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Hi ,

I have  a plate with 6 screws in my humerus , the procedure was done in 2008 feb , I am looking forward to have the same removed , please help suggest wether the surgery would be more painful than the insersion , & wether additional bone grafting required to fill up the empty holes after removal of the screws from them ?

Thanks for help,

Yours faithfully ,

Raghu R
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I know this is old... but....my guess is it takes about 3 months for the holes to fully heal after you have your plate removed... the doctors told me no physical sports or anything like that for at least 10 weeks..

I just had my plate removed after having it in for 9 years... now i have most of my arm movement back which is awesome but my strength is still poor 4 months after surgery... got a ways to go..
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I am Planning to remove my plate & screw reason is I am getting stiffness and irritation last 4-5 Months after surgery ( 3 years ago )

Does your Movement improve after plate removal surgery....... how you scale on 10 meter your result of pain (?? / 10 ) and movement ( ?? / 10 )
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Go through this survey .....it will help to decide what to do
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I was in a car accident back in 2005 and broke my humerus bone. They put a plate in and from 05-07 I thought it was fully healed then in 07 I rebooked it slipping on black ice and re breaking it. I have gad a total of 8 surgeries on my arm and 4 of them were from 07-09. They could not get it to heal, my arm is now 2 inches shorter. But the reason I'm writing is cause I have been getting extreme pain in my arm for the past 5 months. I have now 2 plates with the screws as well as about 8-9 broken screws in my bone from breaking 2 plates unexpectedly while recovering from a few surgeries. I've been getting cold sensations with some tingling and numbness. Could it be from the plates and screws? Also when I wake up my hand is swollen and stiff. I'm not sure what to do other than make an appointment, but I don't want to go through any more surgeries. I can't afford the bills that come with it.. Could the plates finally causing me problems and would it be best to have them removed?
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Dear Astrong only you and your doctor can decide what to do ? you have written that you are getting pain in last 5 months ....if pain is ok or nil before 5 months .....then something has happen to shoulder in last 5 months either plate is irritating or causing pain or joint has some issue ....only xray or mri can detect what is wrong ...... if bone is heal from all side properly then removing plate can be beneficial .....but after surgery you have to take care of your shoulder for atleast 6 months  .......reasonable care for whole life .......nothing play or things should be done which can make accidental injuries to shoulder ......broken bone has more chances to break it again in any harm or injuries to it than healthy / not broken Bone....
any how surgery is like artistic work not all doctors are good at it see if you have choosen right and experience doctor who have very good goodwill in hospital and in patient.....

take my views as guideline and take decision on your own and what is best for you........best of LUCK
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My name is Nolwazi  Ntshingila .I had a plate and 6 screws for 11 year but this past months I had pains which made me unable to walk properly .The doctor said it time for me to take it out so I Had a operation on the 17July 2013 to remove my plate and screws it my three day today i'm in pain cannot move my leg. Pain lever from 1 to 10 it has to be 8 .hope this will be over soon
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I was in a serious accident and I have a plate in my left hip and a rod for pelvic bone. The problem is that I have been diagnosed with AVN. I need a hip replacement. I am seeing a specialist but does anyone have any information concerning this surgery? I am 1 yrs old.
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fifty one years old
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