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I Stand or Walk a kind of curving my backbone and shoulder forward

Hello, My problem is I Stand or Walk a kind of curving my backbone and shoulder forward.I didnt feel it but its very embarrassing when a relative or friend tell me about it. I tried to walk straight forcefully but I fell very uncomfortable.

Thank You.
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It could be years of bad posture. Certain types of athletes are prone to rolling their shoulders forward and sometimes its so bad that their whole torso rolls forward as well. If it is a posture issue a physical therapist should be able to help. But there are spinal conditions that can cause a forward curve of the spine (i.e. Kyphosis colloquially known as hunchback) as well as other spine injuries or conditions that can cause someone to have bad posture. If you are worried in any shape or form go see your primary care physician. They will be able to better direct you.

I personally have scoliosis, a lumbar injury and was a swimmer and it all has all factored into my bad posture which has in turn caused some pretty awful shoulder injuries for me.
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