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I broke my clavicle on the 30th December looking for advice

I was wholipped of my bike landing directly on my shoulder and breaking my clavicle on the 30th December and as of the 1st of March my x-ray was still showing it was still very broken and not showing much difference apart from a reduction in swelling where it was close to puncturing through.

It is overlapped on the break with one bone far forward and the other far behind and there is a splintered shard between and I have approximately 5-10mm gap from my clavicle to my shoulder.

I am back for another X-ray on the 12th of April. At this point if it isn't healed should I be demanding that they operate on it?

I have attached a link to my x-rays below bottom right as you look at it is the first x-ray approx 1 week after accident, bottom left is 5 weeks after and top one is 9 weeks after.
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