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I cant move my arm, what to do ?

3 days before, i fell off a hoverboard sideways on the right side on the support of my arm. I felt a jerk which was really painful in my whole arm, from my hand to my shoulder(right), i went to the doctor and i dont have any fractures but tissue injury. I think i kept my arm too stiff yesterday, i cant move it. Whole flexion and extension of my arm is really difficult, i have my exam 3 days later. I can move my hand though and write but i need help with the arm movement, i cant move it.
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Argh, soft tissue injury is difficult.  Do you have any medication they prescribed like muscle relaxers?  If not, then take a full dose of ibuprofen.  Try to stretch it, move it a little.  And if this continues, back to the doctor!  What about icing it or heating pad?  Did your doctor have suggestions for that?
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