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I have an undiagnosed knee injury , any suggestions?

I had an accident at work beginning of Dec. Huge twist of my right knee/leg and I hit the deck. Instant horrific pain and vast swelling. X-ray shows no fracture. I've been on crutches 36 days, unable to weight bare, swelling reduced from injury but got dvt behind the knee causing vast swelling of calf and foot (still) pain from dvt subsiding now but knee pain more prominent. Can't straighten my leg either. Utterly fed up, confused and frustrated. Another 3 weeks until MRI. Pains on inside of knee and under knee cap front, a slightly diff pain behind the knee and random sharp shooting pains on top of knee. Any suggestions as to what could be wrong? I can wiggle toes but not lift heel at all. Sorry for essay and thank you. Ps I'm 42 and usually fit and active
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