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I have ongoing ankle/leg pain after fibula fracture, ankle sprain.

Towards the beginning of December I slipped on the last stair.  My right foot slid and remained against a balluster while my body twisted. Immediately I knew I had broken my leg and wondered if I also broke my ankle. The fallresulted in a high fibula spiral fracture on my right leg.  X-rays showed no widening of the mortise joint between the tibia and fibula and I was advised to not use a boot after ten days and to walk without crutches as soon as I could bear weight.  
After ten days I used the boot only when going outside as I could not wear any other shoes because of swelling and it was snowy and I wanted protection.  Between three and four weeks I quit using the crutches, though I had been hobbling without them in my own house.
At eleven weeks I asked for permission to do physical therapy because my foot had limited range of motion and hurt.  Actually, laying in bed or resting hurt the most.  Standing with weight on my leg and ankle tended to feel better.  When I started physical therapy they were surprised I had so little RoM and worked to address that.  A week ago I finished  my insurance's allotted 25 sessions, 3X week.  I did regain a lot of my range of motion, but not completely.  I still have reduced plantar and dorsiflexion.  
Three weeks ago my original doctor gave me a cortisone shot.  It helped for a few days but within a week the pain started coming back.
It's not bad pain, usually just mildly irritating, but if I put my foot in the wrong position or step on something slightly uneven the wrong way it can hurt a lot.  And, my foot doesn't extend normally when I lay down and it ends up being a tent pole for my covers which is bothersome and sometimes painful.  If I extend my foot too far I feel like there is a grinding in my heel.  It also gets really surround my ankle, from one side to the other, though not really the top.  Just the sides and back.  When my ankle is sore the original site of the bone break still hurts.
When I returned to the doctor a month ago he did a squeeze test on my calf which did hurt my ankle. So he ordered another X-ray which still showed no widening of the mortise joint.  He has also run an MRI which showed healing of ligaments but nothing abnormal.
I was allowed to start exercise at 12 weeks, but that has been limited to elliptical machines and walking.  I like to hike but have stuck to mostly flat grades.  I also used to do Zumba but there is no way I could dance now.  Jumping up and down on that leg would be horrible.
I set up another appointment next week and would like suggestions on what I should ask the doctor to look for.  Thank you.
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