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I possible have frozen shoulder, but no one can tell me

Injury: I think I overextended my arms and/or caused repetitive injuries to my neck and back in the gym a year ago.

It first showed as intense c-spine pain radiating out to my left arm.  An MRI showed foraminal narrowing and some stenosis.  However, the right side was worse, even though symptoms presented on the left.  Following this were several months of intense pain from the neck and left shoulder that has finally settled in a mostly burning sensation in the shoulder and down the arm.  I also did two more MRIs of the left shoulder.

I have seen 2 orthos, an MD, an NP, 2 PAs, 3 physical therapists, and received a review from a radiologist.  
Results?  Inconclusive.  

My 2nd ortho said that I had the prettiest shoulder MRI, and other than some fluid and a little fibrous area, he couldn't explain why my pain was so bad for so long.  Both the latest ortho and my latest PT have told me that my symptoms sound like adhesive capsulitis, except that I have a normal range of motion when reaching backward to my spine (like unclasping a bra movements).

PT seems to help... a little, but the slightest exertion past minimal use and I'm back to severe burning of the shoulder and arm.  Cortisone shots to the bursa area help, but only for a few days/weeks, until I aggravate it.

I'm seeing a third ortho soon to talk about my c-spine and possible connections there, but my question is:

Is it possible for me to have capsulitis and still have a decent range of motion to the back?  I have horrible forward and lateral, but a pretty normal range going up my spine with my left hand.
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