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Inflammation markers to reveal source of thigh bone pain

What aside from physical injury could explain pain in the upper/posterior part of the leg (thigh bone), which the patient feels more pronounced on the right side, but which exists also on the left side at the homologue location? The pain radiates slightly into the rest of the thigh bone.

Ultrasound revealed some tissue damage at the right-hand site, possibly hematoma that is a sequela of an old injury (2 years ago) on the right side, or stone/calcifiation. There was no injury to the left side. No orthopedic or other comorbidities.

Are there inflammation markers that can be examined in a blood test that would rule out some of the more plausible internal causes of this symptomatology, such as symmetrical (possibly rheumatoid) arthritis?
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Pain in bone?  You're describing something that sounds more in the muscle.  Arthritis is in joints, not the meaty parts of the muscle.  It could be nerve pain radiating from another stressed body part, such as the lower back, hip, or periformis.  
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Thanks! It's quite hard to say if the pain is in the bone or in the muscle. It could well be pain radiating from elsewhere as you say - how would I know if that's the case, or if the source of the pain is local?

As I said there is some accummulation / small tissue damage at the site, as seen with ultrasound. But that may be an effect of something else such as lower-back pain, which I indeed have been having for years.
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