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Injuries from a fall

Approximately two weeks ago I fell down some concrete steps face first. Almost immediately afterwards, the middle of my lower leg started bruising and became extremely swollen. The swelling was larger than my knee and stuck out more towards my outer leg. I followed RICE over the next day and a half, but it kept swelling and the bruise going darker, which I expected. Now, the swelling has gone down a lot along with the bruising. The area is red now and hard as a rock but is still very tender. I did not at any time have any problems bearing weight on this leg or walking. Two days ago, massive swelling has appeared on that same leg around my ankle along with very dark bruises tinged with red. The bruising over the last couple of days has been spreading completely around my ankle and into my foot. It's getting more and more painful and swollen and is hurting me to walk or move it. There was no other injury after my initial fall whatsoever. My question is, could this be related to my fall? Should I be concerned?
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Yes, you should be very concerned.

Breaks don't always appear straight away.
As your leg has got much worse, go urgently to ER.

As a home remedy, apply lots of natural set yogurt to your swollen red and painful limbs and apply a light dressing.

Keep the leg elevated as much as possible and keep any weight off it too.

Go to ER urgently.
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Your fall sounds as if you did some serious damage. Yes, with the large hematoma on the thigh of the same leg, the ankle swelling and discoloration may be related to the fall.

Please see a doctor, who can ask appropriate questions about your medical history and perform a physical examination. I think this is important to do.

And continue with RICE on the ankle. Try warm compresses to help reabsorb that hematoma on your thigh.

A homeopathic preparation of arnica montana (available as a sublingual tablet from a health food store like Whole Foods) can help speed up the absorption of that hematoma in the thigh and the discoloration in the ankle.
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