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Introducing the Pain Tracker


Ever since the launch of the first MedHelp tracker, members have flooded us with requests for a Pain Tracker. We're pleased to announce the much-anticipated Pain Tracker, created in partnership with ReliefInSite (www.reliefinsite.com). Our eighteenth tracker helps our members keep track of health metrics, symptoms, treatments, test results and events.

Whether you're suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines and headaches, a sports injury, or other chronic pain, the Pain Tracker will help you record and describe your pain. With the pain tracker, you can track where you have pain on a daily basis, the severity of that pain, and the type of pain, such as throbbing, stabbing, aching. You'll enter the data on your body map and can revisit past days to see how your pain has changed. The tracker automatically charts your average, maximum, and minimum intensity of pain as well as pain by different regions of the body.

As with other trackers, you'll be able to track your symptoms, treatments and medications, write journals, and email a link to the tracker to your doctors and caregivers. As always, you choose who you want to share the tracker with - nobody, everybody, or just your MedHelp friends. We'll even send you email reminders to update your tracker based on a frequency of your choosing.

You can access the Pain Tracker by clicking on the "Trackers" link at the top of the community, from My MedHelp or by going directly to http://www.medhelp.org/trackers/list/43.

We plan on adding more functionality to the Pain Tracker over the next few weeks and would love to get your suggestions and feedback. If you want to track a specific symptom, medication or event, let us know. Please post your comments in the MedHelp Suggestions community, accessible via My Shortcuts.

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