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Is an osteotomy needed to restore stability in a varus acl deficient knee

So I have a complicated situation. Basically I had an acl revision with allograft and meniscus allograft transplant done . I've had crazy symptoms since the day I was cleared to weight bear. Not having gone thru this before I thought it was part of rehab. The surgeon who performed told me itmwas part of the process and to this day refuses to accept any responsibility. He says it was my poor rehab. I can't tell you how mad I am with this but anyway. Before this surgery I played rugby and participated in short sprint track events and ammtrying to get there now. Anyway my symptoms withnweightbearing  were that my affected leg all of a sudden appeared shorter than the other. I was unable to equally distribute my weight on both feet. In addition I had constant painful and persistent calf cramping that I never had in my life before. My strength in performingna toe raise never got to equal with my other leg despite extensive pt. Now it seems the transplant extrudes and leaves bone on bone on medial side so I appear varus aligned. Also the acl graft appeared to have stretched. I dont recall when. Its completely ruptured. My knee is very unstable. I still do extensive PT can play light recreational sports and am in no pain but questions:
1) what did this guy do to me to give me these symptoms? What is causing them to appear right after surgery.
2) is osteotomy the only way to get an acl revision to work next?
1) what could this guy have
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