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Is it spinal disc herniation?

I just got my MRI results. I'm seeing my doctor on the 27th but I am curious to find out what I have. Can anyone give me an indea.
Here are the pictures of my MRI results:
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What kind of pain are you having and where is it exactly?
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Hi!   It looks like a herniated disc to me although it might just be a bad bulge.  I haven't seen enough of these to know.  LOL!!!  I love looking at them though.  It also seems to me like your spine is too straight, resulting in the sharp turn where the herniation is. Make sure you ask the doctor about that if he doesn't say anything.  Inform yourself before you see him so you can ask questions.  I would look on the internet to try and find some pictures of a healthy "normal" spine to compare yours too.  Good luck!!!!!
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I am having severe leg pain and some lower back pain, it's gradually getting worse.
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Yeah, it looks like one to me too. When are you going to see the Doctor, soon I hope?
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