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Is it normal to have acute neuropathy after Flatfoot reconstruction surgery?

I had flatfoot reconstruction surgery on my right foot 3/19/19.  I am now 9 weeks post op and STILL MISERABLE!!
Here were the procedures:
1. Right Calcaneal Osteotomy
2. Flexor Digitorum Transfer
3. Gastroc Recession
4. Iliac Crest Bone Marrow Aspirate
5. Allograft Bone Graft
I am now experiencing extreme nerve pain every day of my life.  It is so painful!  The pain can best be described as a searing, throbbing, burning contraction of the foot.  I feel waves of squeezing pressure all day, every couple minutes, which elevate to an almost unbearable level at night.  I am trying to remain optimistic but depression is setting in.  I have not begun to walk yet, but I do stand and take a few steps on my own to test things out.  Almost immediately my foot balloons in size.  The tendons are so so tight that I cannot imagine how or when I will be able to walk.  Has anyone experienced this?  Is this normal?  My most recent post op revealed that the bones are in perfect place now, and nearly healed.  He was very pleased and has given me the green light for PT, saying that they will assist in the desensitization of my foot.  What can I do to ease my level of discomfort?  
One last thing, I am currently on 600mg of Gabapentin three times a day, Baclofen for spasms once a day, and Tramadol for break through pain... which is happening every day at this point.  

Thank you!
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You went through a lot having those procedures....it’s understandable that your having nerve pain. Have you tried Lyrica instead of the gabapentin? For me, Lyrica works wonders compared to gabapentin. I would think about asking your doctor to try it if you haven’t already. Unfortunately nerves grow back very slow. I haven’t had foot reconstructive surgery but I’ve had multiple back injuries/surgeries that have resulted in nerve pain down my entire leg and into my foot.  I am sure t will help you stretch your ligaments/tendons.  Keep elevating your leg when your foot becomes swollen. I hope you see a lot of improvement once you’ve had PT for a while.
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Thank you for your kind words!  I so appreciate them.  I will ask my doctor about Lyrica!  
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