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Is my finger dislocated or broken/fractured?

I jammed my finger And I need to know if it's broken. I just got out of a cast, and would not like to get into another. I think that it is dislocated, based on experience. Photos here https://www.dropbox.com/sc/91r5wenbahor5d1/AABa2pLM923Ok5tpVPMczgX-a
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(I think it looks like sprain) A number of indicators will help determine if your finger is indeed broken or it is just a sprain. Here is what you should check. U can check your finger by following methods…

1. Check for Pain
Pain is the obvious sign that something is wrong, but the severity of the fracture will determine the severity of your pain. Even though you experience pain due to sprains and dislocations, a fractured finger may come with acute pain and tenderness.

2. Check for Swelling
Along with acute pain, you will experience bruising and swelling as well. Your body activates the inflammatory response after you sustain an injury and this causes swelling around your affected joint. Sometimes, the capillaries around the affected joint will burst due to increased fluid pressure into the tissues, leading to bruising. Your swelling may become more evident when you try to move your fractured finger.

3. Look for Deformity or Inability to Move
In a finger fracture, you have broken a segment of your finger and it is usually not possible to move it. You may also notice bone deformity such as unusual bumps on the affected finger. Any signs of misalignment are usually indicative of a fracture. Sometimes, you cannot move your finger due to severe swelling and bruising.

Could It Be Sprained or Jammed?
Finger sprains or jammed fingers are injuries to the bands of tissue that help keep your bone connected with the joint. It is not easy to learn how to tell if your finger is broken because you will experience pain, swelling and stiffness whether you have a broken finger or jammed finger.

However, if it is a sprain, you will notice swelling appear soon after the injury. Bruising usually does not show right away or it may never show at all. Even if bruising does appear, it will appear a bit further from your affected joint because blood from the damaged tissue will sweep along the muscles before showing on the skin. The finger will not look deformed and the swelling will subside soon. Sprains usually get better in a couple of days or so.

Take an x-ray to evaluate how serious your injury is. The type of fracture will help determine the best treatment option.

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