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Is this a Scaphoid fracture?

Hey guys, just to clear this up ahead of time I am going to see a doctor this afternoon so don't worry : ) Four weeks ago I had a snowboarding accident were I fell back on my right side, I tried to catch myself with my right hand but felt intense pain as soon as I hit the ground.  I went to the resort ER and he said he wasn't sure if it was broken and I needed to get my wrist checked out. I went to a walk in clinic that night and was told I had fractured my radius, I was referred to  ortho to get a cast put on but he said that he didn't think my arm was broken only a deep bone bruise but wasn't 100% sure and to come back in 4 weeks. I don't have a cast on it only a long term splint. My arm started improving slowly then kinda just leveled out but I guess  I used it to much because this week the pain is actually getting worse. Its still swollen though its gone down some since the first day. The swelling is high up on my wrist on my thumbs side. There is also a little bruising on my wrist. It hurts to hold/grip things and I really can't use it without my splint. It is also tender underneath my thumb on the underside of my wrist. The walk in clinic doctor had it x-rayed said it was fractured and then sent a disc with the x-rays on it to the ortho who said the x-ray looked clean. What's going on!?! I web searched and the description looks like maybe a scaphoid fracture.... I'm not an expert though... I know that the x-rays were taken the day of does that mean that maybe a fracture wouldn't show up... Any opinions or advice would be great thanks!
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I realize your post is 4 weeks old, so I hope your problem is resolved. It does sound like a scaphoid fracture (also called a FOOSH  - Fell On Out Stretched Hand - fracture). If it is painful when you put your thumb in the "hitch-hiker" position, it is a good sign of a scaphoid fracture. Best wishes, jd1963!
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