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Is this hip bursitis?

I am 45 and about 50 lbs overweight, trying to fix this, but, having trouble.
I have pain in my knees when walking a lot, they crackle like cellophane wrap and legs will swell to my feet. I can live with that as I have had them x-ray'd and she said, nothing is wrong, which, I doubt since anyone near me can hear them when I walk up stairs.
Anyway, for the last week, I have had pain in my hip, mostly the back side. I have used Aleve, Icy Hot, hot compress, heating pad etc.. Nothing is helping me. As long and I am upright, or I'm still when sitting, I am okay. When I get up, OMG, the pain is excruciating!!!! I did this all last week and it seemed like it was going away, but, instead of going away, it came on worse. I have screamed out loud from the pain. Sometimes, if I go VERY slow, it's not so bad. It radiated from my hip, down the back of my thigh and close to my spine. Last night, for the first time, I kept waking up when I moved :(
Now sitting here, there is a dull ache and I know that when I get up, it's going to hurt badly. I resist going to the bathroom as long as I can. I can't bend over to pick anything up or I'm stuck there until I get the nerve to straighten up and pray I don't scream. Sometimes, I can keep that leg as straight as possible when bending over, but, if I go to far, it doesn't help much. I don't hear any popping or crinkling or anything, just severe pain. Any help with what I can do to alleviate this pain would be VERY appreciated. I am up and down at work and this is going to be really hard!
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