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Is this stress a fracture?

I am 48, work 3 days a week in a very large store. I walk aprox 10 km a day while at work. I also do a lot of heavy lifting. I weigh 89 kg and I am 5ft 1.  

About 4 weeks ago the under side joint of my toe (toe next to my big toe) started getting sore and caused me to limp.
this would subside overnight but would flare up again the next day.  This would continue over the three days I work and the pain would be more severe each time.  During my days off it would subside, then I would commence work again and it would re-occur.  However, now it has become so severe that the pain will not leave.  My foot has become swollen in that area and is so painfull that I find it even painfull to put a shoe on. I am Not able to go to work tomorrow as I cannot put a shoe on. I am having to walk on the side o my foot and even this is painfull,and my ankle is starting to rebel because I am walking in this manner.

Could this be a stress fracture of the underside of my toe joint ?  the skin and tissue are not sore; just the bone at the joint but only undernieth. it also hurts when I bend my toes although this has become difficult to do asmy toe has become stiff and the area very swollen.
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Hello Dear,
Diagnosis of a fracture can only be made after an x-ray.You should consult a orthopedic surgeon and can take some NSAID to relieve the pain.Try to reduce some weight as it is comparatively more in relation to your height.Avoid over exertion and take rest for a few days.
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I have been told that I have a stress line of the Cuneiform bone of foot. Was put in a walking plaster for two weeks. Still swollen and painful after three weeks. How long do these take to heal? and what further treatment is possibly available?
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