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Joint pain but doctors unable to find root cause (50 Yr old female )

My 50 yr old mother have been suffering from joint pain from last 4-5 years but doctors were not able to find the cause. Earlier she had hip pain then it went fine (with some doctor help) after some time she had shoulder pain that also become manageable (with some doctor help). Recently she had knee pain which came after sudden cracking sound which also got fine after some time(with some doctor help).
Then from last year she had only swollen and painful ankle in both legs. I went to orthopedic, he made (CBC, ESR, CRP, RA factor) tests  and found all fine , then he said it may be due to some overburden or over work she may have done. Then he gave some general medicines and the symptoms were very much suppressed but after some time due to increased swelling in one ankle, the doctor suggested to check her by a physician. So I went to a physician he asked for KFT, LFT Urine test and some blood test and found all fine but two vitamins are lacking . B12 ( as per report result 121 ) and D3 (as per report result 26.6). He said B12 is very low so that's the cause and prescribed the supplements for same. And asked for consult again after 3 months but just after 30 days now my mother is experiencing heavy pain in shoulder, ankle (swollen also), hip and knee . As I got blessed with a new born baby so she had to work hard from last few days. Kindly suggest what should i do now and what can be the cause of these pains. Is it some kind of arthritis or something else. Thanks in advance.
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What has she done in her life?  It might be catching up to her.  Lack of D and B12 could certainly cause it.  Lack of D probably means she's not getting enough sunshine and lack of B12 is either poor dietary choices, which can also lead to chronic inflammation over time, or a genetic problem that requires a particular form of B12 to help.  Sleeping problems can lead to chronic pain.  Bad posture can lead to it.  Repetitive motion can lead to it.  If it's arthritis, that would show in an X-ray.  She's had the RA test, and it was negative.  Some foods cause chronic inflammation, such as dairy, nightshades, wheat and sugar.  Doesn't happen to everyone, but happens to many.  Lots of possible causes, and the proper treatment depends a lot on the cause.  When the docs you've seen can't find a problem, find better docs.  If it's lifestyle, she needs to take a hard look at hers and try something new.  This is difficult stuff to contain, but all the areas you mention are areas where things you did catch up to you as you age.  Usually if no need for surgery is found you would be sent to physical therapy to see if the way she moves is responsible.  Hope you find the solutions.
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