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Knee Injury - MRI results help


I had an impact injury on my left knee about 7 weeks ago now, and went to the doctor last week for an opinion. I'm 25, female, and no history of knee injuries. I'd been having pain on the back of my knee, as well as on each side of my knee cap. My knee had been stiffening and locking if I climbed up more than a flight of stairs.

The MRI came back last week, and I was told that it thankfully isn't serious, is inflamed in a few areas, to RICE it and to take ibuprofen.

The impressions listed on the MRI were:
1. Grade 2 signal within periphery of medial meniscus at junction of body and posterior horn without convincing MR evidence of meniscal tear medially or laterally
2. Mild quadriceps insertional tendinophathy
3. Small medial popliteal cyst (which they said was not related to the injury or pain)

Basically my entire job involves standing on my feet, sprinting, and/or walking up stairs for up to 12 hours a day, but I have been wearing a brace and icing it as much as I can and taking ibuprofen.

My knee often pops when I bend it (it started about a week ago), and I have frequent sharp pains (generally a 6-7 on a scale of 1-10) in my knee when I stand on it. I still can't really go up stairs that easily, as my knee starts to stiffen. I also am feeling a deep itching just above my knee on the front left exterior. The back of my knee feels really tender and is constantly at around a 5 on the pain scale. I'm trying to avoid bugging my doctor over nothing, since I'm a worrier, but my knee's hurting more and more sharply.

Has anyone experienced this, or do they know if these symptoms are in line with the MRI diagnosis?
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Hi there!

The changes described in the MRI are mild inflammatory and may not require specific therapy. It is advised to relatively rest the leg for a few weeks and minimize direct weight bearing along with RICE. Knee braces and crutches may be helpful for the purpose. The symptoms are likely to settle down in the following weeks, when you can continue with routine activities.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Sorry, I just felt a super sharp pain in the back left of my knee, and something kind of gave away maybe an hour ago. I can't put any pressure on my knee or straighten it, and am elevating and icing it. Before when my knee has locked, there hasn't been pain. It's been almost eight weeks since my original injury.

I can't get a hold of my doctor right now.
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