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Knee Ligament failure

Hi, I am Venu age of 27, working as s/w professional.
6 year before, I had an accident and which caused my ligament failure. At that time, I was unable to stand and walk. After 1-2 weeks, gradually i started to walk and like that completed my graduation.
I consulted to Orthopedic at that time. They first suggested for Arthroscopy and said it diagnosis and do minor surgery i.e. reform of ligaments.
Now, consulted doctors are suggesting for ACL reconstruction /surgery.
Granting long leaves is a matter for me.

Q1>If I go to surgery/ACL reconstruction, then how long it will take to walk/run as normal person?

Q2>After surgery/ACL reconstruction, is their possibility of failing/disjoint of same/side ligament?

Q3>Is there any alternative than surgery/ACL reconstruction, e.g. exercises/ medicine?

Q4>After surgery, when i can start to go to office/regular duties ?

Any suggestion for it will be greatly appreciated and thankful.

Thanks in Advance.
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1) You would need atleast 3 months for your surgery and recovery and based on that you can join work.
2) You have to be careful as the ligament tear is repaired and you would never gain the same strength, you would only gain maximum strength.
3) Surgery is only recommended to people where the conservative treatment failed, and if you keep it untreated it gives rise to symptoms of instability, and may be osteoarthritis in the future. Try discussing with your surgeon about cylinder cast/Robert Jones Bandage if it is grade I or simple grade II.
4) 3 months, but discuss with the surgeon for the exact dates as this differs from person to person and facility to facility.
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