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Knee Pain

I am experiencing knee pain in one leg.  I was a light runner for 25 years.  Stopped running due to sharp pain on the inside below my knee.  Started walking instead.  Now 5 years later knee pain again.  Went to an Ortho for exam and xrays.  Nothing showed.  The Dr wanted to do a MRI but my schedule did not allow at the time.  Now 2 months later the pain begins if I walk a few blocks.  The pain seems to be all around the joint and builds the longer I walk.  Yesterday after a short walk the pain was enough to make me sit down.  I notice a swelling or bump on the lower outside of the joint that was sore when i pressed on it.  The swelling went away in less than an hour and the pain subsides also.  I have tried knee supports and massage and stretching.  The stretching seems to make it worse.  I will be going home in a few weeks and if all this is still a problem then I will return to the Ortho for a scan or whatever.  I wonder what I can or should be doing in the mean time.    
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It is important to rule out few issues such as osteoarthritis or ligament tears in your knee joint.

You should go for X-rays and also MRI scans to come to a proper diagnosis.

For simple Grade I ligament tears you have to wear a brace for 4-6 weeks and follow up with proper physiotherapy after healing is complete.

You also have to explore surgical options if required.

Take care!
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