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Knee Pain

Hi there,
About 3 months ago I noticed a pain in my knee, only when it is in a certain position- when I am squatting down on my heels (e.g. to look under a table). I also noticed that if I kneel down and make contact with the ground at a certain angle (just medial to my patella) I get a sharp pain that radiates up the back of my leg. The pain that comes when squatting is less severe.
I cannot be certain of the cause but at a guess I would say that I first started noticing it a week or so afterr I had a fall onto pavement whilst running (I was wearing knee-pads at the time, so it was more of an impact fall, rather than a wound).
More Info : the pain does not appear when I passively flex e.g. a quadriceps stretch.
I am 21, have a BMI less than 25, athletic, male. I have no history of joint pains or problems, nor does anyone in my family. I am a medical student and the pain is frustrating me because it will not go away and I do not know what it is. Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
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Well I've been through a few issues w my knee. So i start w the 1st to I had surgery for the 1st time. Mine began that way & I went 6 mthsw docs saying it was tendonitus. Well by the 5 mth. It got to where I could not take the pain at all. It was a meniscus tear in my knee & a plica band (dead tissue around the knee cap) did it come on suddenly or did u injure it? Mine was sudden & the tear got worse bc I kept going full force & didn't get treatment. It shot up the leg too. The tear doesn't heal on its on (on the plica) bc there's very little blood flow there. (The 2nd surgery was the plica band came back & they found what's called chrondomalasia..roughness of the knee) so my advice is to not let it go long. that was my biggest mistake bc the pain got so so bad. My phy therapist said to never squat to our heels..go on one knee bc its way to much wear & tear on our knees. If you notice it gets worse thru out the day, or walking etc..see the doc. I wish I would have taken it more serious after it started to hurt more & more. Let me kno if this helped..best wishes.
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* I ment or the plica not on it.
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Thank you very much for your answer and helpful advice!
I have decided to see my doctor about it.
Thanks again.
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