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Knee pain 4 years after TKR

I had a partial knee replacement right knee in 2010 no problems.  Left knee partial in 2010.  Problems from the beginning.  Orthoscopic surgery for piece of cement floating around.  Had to have total TKR in 2011.  Have had pain in left knee off and on since 2011.  Has gotten to where there is pain everyday.  Doctor keeps saying X-rays are fine I'll just have pain!  Latest cause was nerve pain because when I sit for a long period of time it is hard for me to walk!  Gave me lidocaine patches.  Nerve pain?  No one has ever heard of it!  A few days ago suddenly I could hardly walk.  The pain so bad I was in tears.  Haven't gone back to doctor tired of hearing the same thing!!
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What was the name of the knee implant?
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