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Knee pain after broken ankle

Hi, I have Knee pain after broken ankle..
Is it related to the injury of the tibia & fibulia?
The knee cap was popping ..on the same side I have the plate.
When I asked my doctor he said the drs at the insurance co would say it is hereditary
& would have happened anyway....
He ordered therapy..The therapist said i have no arch on the foot.
He put  a pad in to help with my arch..It only pops occasionally now..I still have knee pain..Esp when it is stationary for a time..& with knee therapy & pad my ankle is also hurting now..
i had to carry my leg (crutches) for 2 months before I was allowed to stand on it& had to put it up all the time.
This was my good knee before I fell in March...I hope this enough info...

Thanks, Deborah
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I broke my ankle and twisted my knee in 02.Had surgery in 03, 11 months later.                                                                                                   In august  of 03 after i got back on my feet i started having back problems. Now in 08 i have 3 bulging disc, possible tear in knee, ankle pain and burning and pain running down my leg. The VA  said i got dds, and said my ankle and knee does not affect my back. does this kind of injury cause dics bulging or dds  [dergenerative disc disease]. I feel like in a couple of years i want be walking at all... any help  thanks  jp
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How are you?
Yes it can be related to tibia and fibula injury as the nerve supply is common between knee joint, ankle joint and hip joint.
If your knee cap was popping it could be due ligament injury.
I think there is nothing about hereditary, it could have happened any ways.
I think you should be seeking an orthopaedician again and get investigations done.
You should be doing an X-rays, including AP, lateral, and sunrise views, should be obtained.
MRI may be ordered to delineate the injury.
Treatment again includes first-line treatment as rest, ice, physical therapy emphasizing quadriceps strengthening and stretching, and bracing.
Depending on the extent of injury, surgery may be required.
Keep me informed if you have any queries.
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