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Knee pain after partial lateral meniscectomy

I had left knee arthroscopy nearly 12 weeks ago for a torn lateral meniscus.  I had a partial lateral meniscectomy along with debridement of the patella and femur.  I'm a 40 year old, athletic woman.

My recovery seemd to be going relatively OK.  Nothing fantastic.  Around 6 weeks after my surgery I slipped and fell directly on to my left knee.  I did not twist the knee but simply landed straight down on it.  It buised a bit and swelled a bit, but I seemed to have no major problem from the fall.  

Now I am 12 weeks post surgery (and 6 weeks post fall) and I'm having significant and chronic pain in my left knee.  It throbs and aches constantly, often times keeping me up at night.  The pain is in the same location as before my surgery, but what is different is that now my pain is constant.  Before he surgery my pain was only occasional.  I still have significant swelling.  I have full flexion, but I am short of full extension by a few degrees.  I have pain when I try to get to full extension that is in the same lateral area of my knee as before the surgery and the pain now also runs across the bottom of my patella and down the patellar tendon.  I also now have a constant burning sensation in my patellar tendon.

Basically, my problems are exactly the same as before the surgery and are, to some degree, worse because of the constant ache.  I no longer have the sensation that I am "rolling" over something in my knee when I flex it, but that is the only improvement since surgery.  The swelling, the lack of full extension, the pain with extension is all the same as before.  

Would love to hear from others.  Is this a common complication?  Did this mean another MRI and surgery for others with similar problems?  Is it possible that my fall caused these problems?  Is it scar tissue?  

I saw my doctor at 8 weeks who said pain and lack of full extension were normal.  He sent me back to PT.  Now at 8 weeks I was not having constant pain nor the burning sensation.  Those have all begun in the last 3 weeks.

I do not see my doctor for another 2 weeks, but I'm actually not going to go back to him.  He was 6 hours late for my surgery and 3 hours late for my follow-up appointment, so I'm getting referrals for another doctor.  He was supposed to be the "best" in my area, but given how he runs his practice and how my knee is feeling I question why people think he is so fantastic.      

Needless to say I'm frustraed.  I'm a long distance runner who has not run in almost four months.  I can't even consider running right now.  I thought I'd be back in 4 weeks, max, and now I feel like a woman twice my age.  Would love to hear from others.              
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