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Knee pain and more??

I started having some knee pain in mid June, nothing serious but it wasn't getting any better. The first orthorpedic surgeon I went to said it was runners knee and rest and PT should take care of it. I started PT but the knee kept getting worse, to the point where I could not even bend it. I saw a second orthopedic surgeon that sent me for an MRI. The MRI showed no physical damage, but I was still in extreme pain and unable to bend my knee. At this point I started having shoulder issues as well in both shoulders. Now I thought I had physical damage to one shoulder but that was separate from what I was experiencing. At this point I was no sleeping 3-4 hours a night at best, some nights not at all due to the pain in my knee and shoulders. And when I did sleep it was a restless sleep. The pain in my knee was constant, I was waking up with two 'frozen' shoulders unable to even put a shirt on. My physical therapist suggested going to my regular doc and getting tested for lymes disease, so I did that and he did a bunch of blood work. I went to a third orpopedic surgeon who finally agreed something was going on. He drained my knee (finally) and sent the fluid for testing, sent me for some mode blood work and sent me for an MRI on my one shoulder. My knee felt slightly better after being drained. Now I woke up feeling like a got hit by a truck - the knee pain, the two 'frozen' shoulders, neck pain and stffness, rib cage pain and stiffness, leg pain and stiffness. So I went to the ER and they did more bloodwork, gave me an inti inflammatory IV, some meds for high potassium levels and put me on an anti biotic just in case. All the blood work and knee fluid came back clean, no infection, no lymes, no mono, nothing. Up to this point I still could not bend my knee and it felt like it was full of fluid still. About 3 days after starting the anti biotic (5 days after having my knee drained) my knee started feeling better in that it felt like the fluid was finally gone and I could bend it, however now I was getting sharp pains in my knee that travel down into my foot, knee buckling and just an unstable feeling like if I were to turn to quick it would just rip. My should MRI revealed a partial rotator cuff tear and I got a cortisone shot in that shoulder. Once I got the cortisone shot the rib cage pain and stiffness went away as well as the leg pain and stiffness. I still had the knee pain and pain and stiffness in both shoulder, to the point where I still have difficulty putting on a shirt. What I am experiencing now is still knee pain - sharp pains in the back and sides of my knee that go down into my foot, extreme stiffness in both legs like I ran a marathon to the point where I can't bend down to pick something up off the floor or can barely get dressed, pain and stiffness in both shoulders to the point where is it difficult to put on a shirt or even scratch my head (there is like a pinching feeling in the top of my shoulder and it feels muscular), and neck pain and stiffness turning my head.

I am at a loss.....I am going to a rheumotologist this week, my surgeon won't scope my knee until I rule that out. I am also having my house tested for toxins like black mold. I am at a loss, I have been in pain and not sleeping for 2 months now. I feel there is something structurally wrong with my knee, I know there is something structurally wrong with my shoulder but neither explain my other shoulder pains/stiffness, neck stiffness r leg pain/stiffness.
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