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Knee pain

I am a 50 year old female. My weight is about 250, recently I fell onto the sidewalk taking the full brunt onto my left knee. The pain was unbearable at first. I did go to my Ortho and was told that I had more than likely injured my bursa. It has been nearly 4 months now and I have no pain while walking or bending but when I kneel on the knee it is as if I am kneeling on tacks, very painful. Any ideas on how long a bursa takes to heal or may it be something different?
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I would need your height to calculate your BMI and to see if your weight corresponds.

You have to go for a knee X-ray to rule out osteoarthritis.

If you had any recent injuries then go for an MRI to diagnose any ligament tears or bursitis.

Apply ice packs and take intermittent pain killers and follow up with an orthopedician. Treatment of knee bursitis depends on whether infection is involved. If the knee bursa is not infected, knee bursitis may be treated with ice compresses, rest, and anti inflammatory and pain medications.

Wear a knee band and do not exert yourself till diagnosed properly.

Take care!
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