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Knee pain

A middle age women with osteo in her knee joint and patella. Treated with arthrotec. Pt has pain while walking but it is bearable. Most severe pain is when off weight bearing and interfers with sleep. Any treatment options aside from more meds???  
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hi dear, apart from medicines in osteoarthritis, some physical exercises would help, also meditation would help the patient divert her attention.If the patient is obese,weight reduction is sugessted.Muscle strengthning exercises protect the joints and reduce stress and joint damage.The patient shoud stay physically active while taking into consideration the condition of the joints.Glucosamine can be added as a nutritional supplement.Patient should avoid lifting heavy weights.Proper care may reduce the further degeneration .Pain definetly causes sleep disturbances which in turn causes  increased sensitivity to pain,the patient by increasing her will power and by meditation may get sound sleep.
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