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Knee pain!!

My first knee replacement was in 2002. Second one was in 2003 (on the other knee). For a number of years now I have had pain in my "knees".  Even the tissue surrounding them. I've noticed that I can hear the prosthesis move when I move my leg. I swing my legs and they make a funny noise. Today I went to an orthopaedic surgeon about another (unrelated) problem and asked him about the pain in my knees. Well since he didn't do the surgery he took a big step bacvkwards and told me that he would not treat my knees. That I was to go back to the original surgeon to report this problem. Sounds fishy to me. My primary physician took x-rays a few wks ago and told me that I had "arthritis" around the knee joints. I have to laugh. How can one have arthritis around prosthesis's? I want to get out and be normal as I can. Walk, exercise, work. But when I know that when I stop at night I'm going to have knee pain how can I do this?
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     How are you? Total knee replacement surgery completes with full recovery only with proper rehabilitation programme. Have you been on physical therapy after surgery? The other causes could be fabellar snapping or loosening of prosthesis.
For these conditions fabellectomy or revision surgery can help treating your problem.
Discuss with your doctor regarding these possibilities.
All the best.
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My knee replacement is almost 16 years old.  It is now making a loud popping/grinding sound.  My surgeon moved out of state years ago.  Do you think I'm going to need my knee prosthesis replaced?  I do have swelling and pain after walking and when I sleep at night.
Hi, knee replacements typically last 15-20 years, and it also depends on your lifestyle as to how active you, which means how much stress you have placed your artificial knee under. Your weight, profession, age etc. also matter. I advise you to consult your orthopedic surgeon as a replacement may be needed.
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